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Big cities are famous for their traffic jams? In the city of Florence there is a new service — renting of motorcycles and scooters. Motorcycle planet. Expensive travel on public transport? Would like to make motopropulsor? The website provides a wide range of services in design and custom made sports, walking, small bikes and for those who just loves speed. Rental of motorcycles and scooters is a wonderful option to make a gift to your loved ones, effortless way of movement and no problems with Parking spaces. Selling motorcycles in installments. Spending the minimum amount of money You get a fun and more adrenaline rush. In addition, if You have been thinking about buying a sports bike in Florence or want to make a gift to your child's birthday, You have the opportunity to test drive prior to purchase their own "iron horse".

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Motorcycle rental

Motorcycle Kawasaki ER-6F — New 2014 season and the leader of hire. Excellent price and speed. First trip to the city of Florence will give You the delight of this motorcycle you will never forget. Specifications: country Japan. Take the bike rental. Two-cylinder 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 649 cm3 liquid-cooled with a capacity of 72 HP 6-speed manual transmission. Weight 209 kg. Category A. driver's license Motorcycle Sonik Bullet — easy and reliable motorcycle town. Ideal for training movement and not big cities. In its class it is a cheap and practical motorcycle. Features: country China. Year of build 2014. 4-stroke engine with a volume of 150 cm3 with a power of 11 BHP manual 5-speed gearbox. Weight 110 kg Maximum speed 120 km/h Category A1 driving licence. Motorcycle Suzuki Intruder Classic 400 — Tired of boring and monotonous life in the bustle of the city? Motorcycle IZH. Then this bike is for You. The Intruder(Intruder) is translated as "invader". To buy a motorcycle on credit. Grab the attention of passers-by and other road users and feel like a real biker.

Two bags in the back for baggage will give You the emotional experience of bikers from famous movies. Chinese motorcycles. Specifications: country Japan. Release year 2008. 4-stroke engine with a volume of 400 cm3 with a power of 32 BHP manual 5-speed gearbox. Weight 275 lbs. Maximum speed 180 km/h Category driving license A. Scooter Racer Meteor RC50QT-3 — One of the most popular scooter rental. Very well suited for walking, entertainment, and not great runs with Your friends. A great choice for those who have never sat behind the wheel of the "iron horse". Selling motorcycles. Very simple and easy to understand and operate, and is suitable for those who wish to make a romantic walk for his beloved half. Features: country China. 4-stroke single cylinder engine with a displacement of 49.5 cm3 capacity of 3.9 HP, air-cooled. Fuel consumption in the city of Florence for 100 km is 2l. Max speed 50 km/h. Motorcycles official. Weight of scooter is 78 kg. a Distinctive feature of the automatic transmission. Rentals available different color: blue, green, yellow, red, white. Driving license category M.

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How to rent a motorcycle?

In order to make a booking for a hire motorcycle or scooter in the city of Florence You need to make an online application. Motorcycles BU. Please select in the main menu, tab "checkout" fill in your details, contact number and select the form of payment. After the request you will be contacted by a specialist to confirm the order. When ordering multiple motorcycles or scooters in Florence discount, which will tell you more specialist when placing Your order. Motorcycles and scooters — passion and adrenaline.


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